Skin toner spray on face from 001 beauty notes

Still not sure about toner? Just get one and try the many ways you can use it for and gradually see your skin improve.

Take a look below at the many toner uses that Ada recommends:

  • Daily routine: Apply after cleansing for instant hydration and PH balancing
  • Hydrating Booster: mix the toner with a facial oil (try 001 Intensive Elixir) to create a super boosting oil-based hydrator
  • Mid Day Cleanser: Spritz on a piece of tissue paper/cotton pad, gently wipe away grease, dust and dirt. Spritz directly onto face and pat in with fingers to rehydrate- before reapplying pressed powder/compact foundation
  • Face Mask: saturate a couple of cotton pads, pull apart into thin sheets, place and press across face and relax for 5 minutes, or use with 001 Silk Skin Mask Sheet
  • All-time spritz: a must have on the office desk & handbag to revitalise skin dried out from the air-conditioning, heating and stresses of the day
  • Banish Breakouts: a great anti-bacterial remedy for rogue spots and hormonal breakouts in the lower jaw area
  • Post Wax/Shave Relief: a no-fuss soother, anti-bacterial and refreshing + aftershave for the gentlemen
  • Pillow Spritz: to help promote relaxation and a restful night’s sleep



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