The Power Of Rose


Rose is the first flower from which an essential oil was ever distilled by alchemists, its extraordinary complex chemistry of over 300 components including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, gifts skin with many properties:

Moisturising and soothing, it helps to reduce redness and refines skin texture, while revitalising the complexion. Its fresh (and addictive!) fragrance helps calm and harmonise the mind.

Rosa Damascena Flower Water is derived from an intricate process. Small batches of rose buds are steamed in copper distilleries and ultimately release a volatile therapeutic compound into the water. The essential oil is drawn off and rose water containing micro molecules of essential oil and constituents from the flower is captured drop by drop. Tonifying, soothing, astringent and relaxing, it helps balance the skin back to its equilibrium.

Science Focus : The chemical composition of Rosa Damascena is considered to be one of the most complex, with much still to be identified. Rose oil has high anti-inflammatory properties as it is part of the monoterpenes family. Its high content of geraniol (30-40%) also confirms its role as a powerful anti-oxidant. Finally, two exclusive components, damascene and damascenone, have been identified as having anti-ageing activities.

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