As much as we know that sunscreen is important to protect the skin especially in the summer when the UV is most fierce throughout the whole year, frequent repeated application though, can on the other hand intrude our regular sebum secretion:

  • Physical sunscreen with high percentage of Zinc Oxide or Titanium Oxide tend to be relatively drying ingredients (These are ingredients you usually find in your Powder/mineral foundation)
  • Waterproof chemical sunscreen with ingredients Avobenzone or Ecamsule (Mexoryl SX) can clog pores by creating a thin layer on top of the skin, and keeping it from breathing

One of the key rituals that can avoid our skin throwing a “post-summer tantrum” would be EXFOLIATION.

You want to shred skin cells and really deep cleanse your skin and pores. Your skin might be a little stressed and easily irritated at the moment due to the exposure to the heat and sunlight so try to opt for a non-abrasive exfoliant.

pure active peel provides a mild and effective exfoliating solution:

Enzymes from Muscavado Sugar and pineapple extracts un-dull skin complexion by dissolving built-up dead skin cells, soften skin texture and revitalise pores.

Made of three close-to-lipids anti-oxidant oils, it utilizes the natural chemical mechanism of  ‘oil attracts oil’ to draw oil from the pores onto the surface hence it’s also a great deep cleanse solution.

Essential oils like Chinese peppermint, Citrus essences purify the skin and clear the skin thanks to their anti-bacterial properties.

Twice a week and see the difference.


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