When the sun’s UV rays penetrate the skin, they damage the molecules and DNA in the skin and trigger a synthesis of different proteins and enzymes.

This damage has a cumulative effect on the skin, adding up as we get older and contributes further to the ageing process.

Main effects of the sun on your skin are :

  • It causes collagen damages, which induces wrinkles and other signs of skin damages and ageing
  • Causing the upper layers of the skin tissue to collapse

Antioxidants are great sources to boost, strengthen and enhance skin recovery.

Active Marine Power Concentrate is a super-concentrated serum that instantly boosts the skin on application, it intensively brightens the skin and repairs any damage caused by environmental factors thanks to the super-antioxidant cocktail of CQ10, MultiCitrus actives, Raspberry, Green Tea and Vitamin C:

CQ10 – a powerful antioxidant with scientifically proven results, it assists in repairing environmental damages and regeneration in the skin.

Raspberry – Rich in Omega 3 flavonoids and polypeptides, the extracts of this fruit visibly reduces dullness and boosts radiance – while adding some extra antioxidant power.

Multi-Algae active – create a collagen-plumping effect, increasing cell turnover and preventing depletion of elastin and collagen. Rich in omegas-3,6 & 9 to strengthen skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier.

Multi-Citrus actives, Green Tea and stabilised Vitamin C – power player anti-oxidants and skin energisers.


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