001 Skincare

001 is a luxury British brand created by aromatherapist and beauty therapist Ada Ooi. Designed to “return skin to a state of natural equilibrium”, the superlative skincare line fuses modern bio-chemistry and traditional apothecary principles from Asia & beyond. Its potent actives collectively restoring skin balance. Providing the resilience to counteract environmental imbalance, generated by free radicals in our modern lifestyles and helping to prolong the ageing process at a cellular level.

About Ada Ooi

As an aromatherapist and beauty therapist, Ada is famed for her healing facials across continents. Inspired by London, Ada looked about and above this city. Fusing successfully the modern with the traditional and wondered how current principles of twenty first century science could combine with dynastic methods to create a potent, hybrid skincare line. She turned her obsession for skincare into 001, a line of skincare products combining Western technology with Eastern principles and a dose of London luxury.

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