The Many Facets of Lavender


Lavender belongs to the mint family and has a complex chemical structure contributing to multi-dimensional properties.

Lavender’s oil contains active constituents like ethers of linalyl and geranyl, geraniol, cineol, limonene, l-pinene, the esters of butyric acid and coumarin etc- we can continue with the list but this is just to illustrate how its chemically complex structure and great quantity of active constituents contributed to lavender’s multi-dimensional properties, making it ideal for use anytime as part of your skincare routine, or whenever your skin needs extra hydration or a pick-me-up treat, or when you have certain problems to treat…

Afterall, the primary action of Lavender lies in balancing and normalising making it very versatile to be used across a broad spectrum.

It contains powerful antioxidants, which counter the effects of environmental pollution on the skin and will really detox your skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which helps to attack the bacteria causing acne infections and reduce the swelling and redness. Lavender also has anti-ageing effects because it boosts circulation helping the cellular rejuvenation.

You can use it :

  1. As a cleanser: spray on a cotton pad and sweep over skin for mild cleansing.
  2. As a toner: spray directly onto skin or onto a cotton pad and swipe over the skin after cleansing/exfoliating. This will rebalance your skin to its natural pH level, ready to absorb all the goodness from your serum or moisturiser.
  3. As a mask: saturate a couple of cotton pads with the product, pull the pads apart into thin sheets and layer on the skin for 5 minutes, ready to be surprised with the fast-acting pore refining, softening & plumping result. Finish with a moisturiser or any other oil-based products to lock in moisture.
  4. Use it to set your make up: spritz from a distance and gently press with your palms for make up to sit with a dewy effect.
  5. Use it WHENEVER: A few spritz to rehydrate or refresh (especially if you’re starting to feel skin tightness as we’re approaching autumn). Remember to gently pat or press with hands to allow product to sink in as letting a water-based product dry on skin can cause further dehydration.

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