HOW DO I USE: An interview with Ada our Founder

How do I use-Ada

001 Tran-seasonal edit: : GLA & ANTI-OXIDANT BALANCING CREAM

Spring is here and we are starting to prep our complexion for the warmer seasons ahead of us. As we swap our sweaters and boots for trench coats and sandals, we are also gradually changing our skincare routine. Exfoliants that remove dead skin cells, serums that aid to renew cells turnover and a lighter moisturiser will be the first few things we want to look for during this tran-seasonal period.

Here at 001, our spring edit for clients include the Pure Active Peel, Active Marine Power Concentrate and GLA & Antioxidant Balancing Cream. In this HOW DO I USE series, we are going to have a few special people share their experience of using them.


1) 001: Tell me about yourself?

ADA: I am Ada Ooi, Royalty & Celebrity Facialist and Aromatherapist. I found 001 Skincare in 2014. I come from Hong Kong but I have lived in London for over 15 years so I feel more like a Londoner! I am into arts, fragrance, design, good music, Italian food and skincare of course!

2) 001: As the founder of 001 Skincare, what is your main source of inspiration? 

ADA: London of course! The city, the architecture, the diversity of heritage and cultures… It is a really rich city that offers many opportunities and gave me the will to offer a skincare line that combines my beauty knowledge gained from the West and the East.

3) 001: Why do you use the GLA & Antioxidant Balancing Cream?

ADA: Moisturising is really important, it helps to hold water molecules within our skin. After cleansing, we remove some of the essential fatty acids that forms healthy sebum for protection, preventing water content evaporating into the air. The GLA & Antioxidant Balancing Cream helps my skin restore the hydro-lipid balance.​

4) 001: Can you describe your routine with this products?

ADA: Every morning, after cleansing, toning & applying my serum, I gently massage and press the GLA & Antioxidant Balancing Cream into my skin.

5) 001: If you could describe your beauty objective with three words what would they be?

ADA: Strengthen, Moisture, Balance

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