Get The Glow! Exfoliate for the Perfect Tan


Get the Glow! Exfoliate for the Perfect Tan

How does exfoliation work to create a nice tan?

Our skin is made up of million of skin cells, they die and regrow every second everyday.

Either you are using a fake tan or preparing for sunbathing, the tanning process relies on a reaction with the amino acids at the epidermis, the top layer of the skin.

We want our tan to develop with a fresh canvas of new, live cells, so it looks even, glowy and healthy for a prolonged period of time.

Therefore, getting rid of all the old, dried up, dead skin cells prior to your tan is crucial for the perfect tan and avoid blotchy patches after tanning.

We’ve put together our 2 best sellers into this GET THE GLOW set, designed for progressive daily and weekly exfoliation to encourage cell turn over, revealing the freshest, active skin for developing and maintaining the smoothest and luminous tan.

This set has a huge £15 savings, GET THE GLOW now to the glow from within!


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