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“An essential function for every one of us, exfoliating the skin can slow down the rate at which the skin ages. When I assess a client’s skin, the signs of a good complexion are translucency and smoothness, their face should be able to reflect light and reveal its natural radiance. Exfoliation works to return skin’s natural radiance and allows your skincare to penetrate more effectively afterwards.” says Ada Ooi.

Ada’s Top 3 Exfoliating Hacks for a Glowing Complexion:

  • When discovering a new exfoliation product, experiment with its strength by using it over alternative days, and depending on your skin reaction, add or minimise frequency
  • Apply exfoliant around wrinkles and line areas, you can also apply around your eyes to soften the lines/crowsfeet, just avoid the eye lids and eyes
  • Benefit from a post exfoliation treatment. The exfoliator has removed a micro-layer of dead cells from the surface temporarily thinning it. Play this to your advantage by immediately conditioning the skin with all the nutrients it needs to recover. Tap in oils, serums or creams with natural plant extracts, rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals…your skin will better absorb the products


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