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“Put yourself in the expert hands of facialist Ada Ooi. Her hands literally dance all over your face, lifting, contouring and smoothing. This is a great skin treatment to start a detox. You will leave glowing.”

– Country & Town House Magazine


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Ada and her specialists are famed for delivering facials that combine Oriental and Western anatomical muscle and drainage massage techniques to initiate skin’s natural healthy behaviour; enhance blood circulation to boost cell activities, leading to a transformation in the skin’s texture & complexion, showing a lifted contour and revealing a translucent radiance.

“My facial is designed to make my clients’ skin look sculpted, plumped and glowing, without the need for makeup.”  – Ada Ooi, Founder of 001 Skincare London & Expert

001 X fortnum & mason

Bespoke Facial Massage

001 Skincare London has partnered with Fortnum & Mason and is able to offer product-redeemable facials at the luxurious Fortnum & Mason Beauty Room.

001 Bespoke Signature Facial at F&M aims to:

  • Contour and beautify the face from every angle
  • Reduce puffiness and minimise the double chin effect
  • Lift and firm facial contours and redefine facial features
  • Skin is left feeling supple, plump and youthful
  • Complexion looks smoothed and immediately more brightened and radiant

Booking fees*:
£50 (customers will be given a link to pay once the booking is confirmed via email/phone)
55 minutes – Redeemable with two 001 products at F&M
85 minutes – Redeemable with three 001 products at F&M

Enquire: or “Add to Cart” to book now.

£125.00£185.00 Select options

*Facials at other location including Mayfair and Bond Street available at regular price:

55mins – £125
85mins – £185

Email to enquire about availability:

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