Our GLA & Anti-Oxidant Balancing Cream is a universal cream, which will moisture, soothe and also help to treat problematic skin.

What is GLA? GLA or Gamma-linolenic acid is an essential fatty acid in the omega-6 family. This natural acid can be found in our body and in plant oils, such as Borage and Apricot Kernel, Witch Hazel. Ingredients with GLA have been used for thousands of years to treat numerous skin conditions and ageing concerns like skin losing elasticity due to damaged cells and tissue structure, they are also incremental to treat sensitive skin including eczema and inflammation.

Treat your skin to an instant burst of moisture with the 001 GLA & Antioxidant Balancing Cream. It also contains a deliciously luxurious blend of essential oils like Fennel, Melissa, Palmarosa to soothe and help chronic inflammation recovery as caused by stress or external pollution. Vitamin E and natural antioxidants are also included in the formulation to counter the negative effects of free radicals giving the skin a radiant boost.

Use it as your daily moisturiser in the morning and/or evening after cleansing, toning and applying Active Marine Power Concentrate Dual-Action Formula serum to your skin, for best results and allow it restore your skin’s natural balance, replenish and protect your complexion. It is an ideal moisturiser for all skin type (definitely a go-to for oily or combination skin), it has a very light texture and it can be easily absorbed into the skin.


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