5 tips to Summer Radiance

+1°C = +10% sebum secretions

It is said that with every 1 degree rise in the ambient temperature, there is about a 10 percent increase in sebum production.

What this means is that in the summer heat, increased sebum secretion and sweating can mess up our skin’s natural water-sebum balance, leading to problems like enlarged pores, skin dehydration, acnes or blackheads etc. Here’re a few expert tips from our Ada our Founder:


Stay hydrated

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day water a day keep your body hydrated and it will help your skin to rid of toxins. It will give a more radiant glow to your skin.



Minimum once a week exfoliate your skin to prepare for the sun. It will help you to keep your tan longer. The peel will also clean the pores and slow oil production which is increased by 10% during summer.


Sun protection

Ada never left her house without a SPF since she was 12. It helps you to prevent from sunburn, cancer, but also to avoid premature ageing like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. You don’t want to regret not applying it when you see a sunspot forming which can become permanent as you age.


Moisturize your skin

Do not skip this step because it is summer! Heat makes you perspire more and lose moisture. In addition, the air conditioned environment dries the skin and makes wrinkles more pronounced. For a better absorption, apply the moisturizer within 2 minutes of leaving the shower.


Use facial mists GENEROUSLY

They will hydrate your skin, which may lose minerals when you will sweat. You can also use them to set your makeup. Bring a mini with you to refresh, rehydrate during the day!

Ada’s tips:

“Keep your facial toner in the fridge and spritz on as needed for an instant cooling blast”

“You can also soak cotton pads with your toner and place on top of the serum as a mask, then cover the entire face with approximately four wet kitchen towels. Wait for 15 minutes before unveiling a soothed, plumped and radiant complexion.”

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